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Law Student Articles

A Breathing Relaxation Exercise
Ttips from the website of Suffolk University Law School-- a relaxation technique that focuses on breathing.

Advice To First-Year Law Students
Tips from a former law student -- for 1Ls and beyond.

Bridging The Generational Divide
From the Atlanta Bar Association: The best firms admit generation gaps exist and work to actively manage expectations in ways that can bridge those gaps.

Check Law Student Stress
Ideas on minimizing stress and making the best use of your time.

How To Succeed In Law School...And Beyond
Advice from the MA Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers program to help you survive and thrive in law school

Law School And Stress
This article by Professor Barbara Glesner Fines (University of Missouri/Kansas City School of Law) addresses types, sources, and symptoms of law school stress and ways to reduce its impact. Reprinted with permission of the author.

Quick Relaxation Techniques
Ways to relax or fall asleep (from the Suffolk University Law School site).

Recognizing The Warning Signs Of Stress
From the Suffolk site -- signals to help you recognize stress.

Redoing The Math
Tips on managing student loan debt.

Stress: Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects
Learn to recognize stress symptoms and identify the situations that cause them. When these symptoms persist, you are at risk for serious health problems, because stress can exhaust your immune system.

The Hidden Sources Of Law School Stress
Dr. Lawrence Krieger of Florida State University College of Law has put together this booklet (also available to order) to tell you why law school is so stressful yet doesn't have to be that way. It is based on the experience of two generations of law students and lawyers, many law teachers, and 20 years of research on what determines whether you will be happy, anxious, or depressed.

Time Management
Tips for law students on making more efficient use of time.

Time Management -- Getting Law School Under Control
More time management suggestions, these from the St. Louis University School of Law.

Tipping Back The Scales: Law firms in search of work-life balance
The challenges of humanizing the work schedule at large law firms.

Wi$e Up
Financial tips for women Gen-Xer's.